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My mission and passion is to help you become fit for your busy life.

I use functional training techniques and structural assessments to design individually tailored fitness programs that leave you FEELING STRONG and LOOKING GREAT.

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​This is all about you, and you WILL surprise yourself.

My clients include athletes, moms, dads, doctors, bankers, celebrities, teenagers and everyone in between. They leave my sessions feeling strong and energized, ready to perform like champs in every area of their lives. After enough sessions they walk away lean and toned, which is why they return year after year, after year.


These fitness programs start from ground-zero.

You don’t need to “be in shape” to work out with me. You’ll work out with me to get in shape.


I meet you where you’re at, and push you beyond your perceived limits to achieve YOUR ideal physical health.​

  • TRX Advance Group Trainer

  • TRX Functional Trainer 


  • TRX Suspension Training 

  • TRX RIP Trainer 

 TRX Certifications: 

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Spinning Instructor

My fitness methodology is to build your confidence by pushing you beyond your perceived limits – and prove that you can do things you never previously imagined. 

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Most of my clients seek:

• Body sculpting

• Weight loss

• Sports & athletic training

• Injury recovery & prevention

• Strength & flexibility

"I started spinning with Sergio over 16 years ago. Although he had replaced my favorite spinning teacher and I was not very happy about it, within the first 30 minutes I was sold that he was the one. Since then I have been taking numerous classes with Sergio. 


In 2012 my husband and I started training privately with him. Both of us are so much stronger than when we were in our 30’s, we are now in our 20’s!!! It was amazing that the last few years when we skied very aggressively, we had no soreness or fatigue in our bodies. He personalizes the training for each of us and pushes us to the next level. We truly owe our state of great fitness to Sergio.


When Covid happened and the gym closed down, it was like the end of the world for me. Since I was very much addicted to going to the gym and taking Sergio’s classes. Then he started his classes on Zoom which was as good as being in the class. When I missed a class he would send me the link and I could train whenever I wanted. I love having the freedom.

And now with his new website I became a member right away, I did not even wait a day. 

                                                                                                                                                                    - Fiora Aston

Image by Kelly Sikkema

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