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H.C.S.C is a full body workout


These classes are a blend of high intensity training, core, body sculpting and cardio. The class goes through a cycle of intensity. We start with an easier routine: less reps, lighter weight, shorter duration HIIT moves and progressively every week it gets harder and more intense. Then we slow it down again after about 4 to 5 weeks.


Routines are never the same to keep you on your toes never letting your body and mind plateau or get bored. However, you will see the same moves in different order so you can see how strong you are getting i.e doing more push ups or lifting heavier weight. 

The "HCSC  Video Program" was created so you can flow the same way the live classes flow.  Start with Day 1 so you experience the cycle every week and never miss a beat. The beauty is that you can do the classes as many times per week as you want. I suggest 2 - 3 times a week. 




LIVE @ 4:30 pm



LIVE @ 4:30 pm


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