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(or fiberglass for intermediate surfers).

All packages can be modified, mixed and matched.

They are designed to provide the maximum amount of fun and time in the water.

If you do not find something that you like, give us a call.

We will make sure to arrange something that makes you happy.

2 Hour Intro Lesson

For those who want to experience surfing for the first time

Beginners will learn in their first lesson:​​

  • Basic surfing terminology

  • How to stand and ride on a surfboard

  • Water safety & proper etiquette

  • Paddling techniques

  • "Popping Up"

  • How to "Turtle Roll"

Three (2)-Hour Surf Lessons

In addition to your intro session do you want a couple of sessions to improve?  Are you visiting and want to surf a few days? If you really want to learn the sport this is a great way to spend a lot of time in the water, leaning in and getting better at the sport.

(1 ) Hour Packages

(Intermediate packages ONLY available after students have successfully completed an intro lesson)

The goal is for you to feel confident enough to continue enjoying the sport on your own! For this package you must complete at least a 2 hour introductory class. After completing the class the following packages will be available on an hourly rate. Once you purchase a package you can use the hours however you want. In 1 hour, 1.5 hours or longer if you desire and the time is available.​​

Endless Summer packages are more in depth, and will include:

  • Water safety & proper etiquette

  • Paddling technique

  • Handling waves (Duck Dive/Turtle Roll)

  • Surf break & wave selection

  • How to read surf report

  • Appropriate equipment purchases

  • Weakness assessment and strengthening recommendations

  • Surfing various locations around Southern California

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