Where do we teach?

We teach surfing and stand up paddle (SUP) lessons for individuals and small groups in Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Malibu, Pacific Palisades and Manhattan Beach.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a perfect break for beginners. There's plenty of room in the water and a safe, sandy bottom, so students can experience surfing without the danger of rocks underfoot.

Venice Beach

Venice is a sand bottom beginner-friendly location, BUT the breakwater jetty has a right-handed break that is for intermediate to advanced surfers only. There are a few spots that with the right swell direction and tide combination can produce super fun waves. Low-tide occasionally breaks well, but it's not recommended.

Malibu Surfrider Beach

This is a very crowded break due to the high quality waves. You have to know when to go. The location has three main break areas: 1st point is for long boards and advanced short boarders; and 2nd & 3rd point are for short boarders that like fast waves. It’s a perfect right-handed break, and when its pumping it can break past the pier.

Sunset Beach

This is a gentle beginner wave in close proximity to Santa Monica. It doesn't break all the time so you have to time the tide and the direction of the swell to get it just right. When it's good it can be a lot of fun, crowded with friendly people. The best spot to surf is in front of the lifeguard stand where most lessons are happening.

Manhattan Beach

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