Frequently Asked Questions

Does my lesson include equipment?

Yes I provide you with a soft-top surfboard and a wetsuit. If conditions are colder than normal I will provide boots and a rash guard for extra warmth. If you want to bring your own equipment you are welcome. Most likely we are going to use my board for your intro session. For follow up sessions if you have your own surfboard, I want you to use it so you learn how to use your own equipment. The more you use your board the better you get in the water.

Do you teach year round?

Yes I do! As long as conditions are safe I will be surfing all year round. Water temperature in LA varies between 58-68 degrees; so you are always going to need a wetsuit no matter what. So you will see me teaching all year round. Today’s wetsuit technology has improved so much that wetsuits feel like a second skin, flexible and warm.

What do I have to bring?

You should be rested as much as possible. Don’t go out the night before. You will spend a lot of energy while surfing. Make sure you eat properly but not to close to the lesson. Bring a towel, water, sunblock, and warm comfortable clothes to change to after. If we meet in Santa Monica, Malibu or Manhattan Beach, there are showers to rinse after your lesson. If we meet at Sunset Beach make sure to bring extra water to rinse with, no showers there. Don’t forget your camera!

Will I stand up the first day?

That is my goal for you! We will find the best technique that works best for your physical ability. The reason why it’s a 2-hour lesson is because practice is needed to perfect the skill of standing on a wave. You have to be determined and open to learning. Most important make sure you come to have fun!

How many lessons do I need to be able to surf?

The answer to this question depends totally on you! Every individual is different. Like every sport you need to dedicate time to practice. I offer different packages to help you get in a rhythm of when to go out and how often. Most people start with 5-10 sessions. But it depends on what your goals are. We learn more about how many sessions you are going to need after our first session.

Is it safe?

I will make sure to take you out only in conditions that I know from experience can be handled by anyone that knows how to swim. If you don’t know how to swim I ask you to please not book a lesson. Playing with the ocean requires a level of comfort and confidence in the water that comes from knowing how to swim. We are out there having fun with mother nature but we must do it with the utmost respect and never take the ocean for granted. So I always check the surf report to make sure waves are not too big for beginners. I will postpone a lesson if I believe it’s too dangerous to teach. However, I always teach beginners where there are lifeguards present.

What is the best location?

Everywhere I teach is perfect for beginners – intermediate surf students. But the best locations depends on the season and the swell direction. Santa Monica and Venice are the best LA beaches for beginners because they have waves year-round. As you get more advanced I can take you to other locations in Southern California chasing waves.

How do I sign up?

Click on “Book Now” go to the calendar and choose the date and time desired. For the amount: you have to decide what packages you like and then fill out the amount. If we agreed on an amount via a telephone conversation then use that amount. You can use to make the payment via PayPal. Use my phone number for Venmo. You do not need an account with to make the payment. You can sign-in as a guest.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes I do! You can purchase any package that I offer for that special someone. They do have a 1 year expiration from date of purchase.

What is your policy on rescheduling or canceling lessons?

CANCELLATIONS No refunds or credit for any cancellations made within 48 hours of lesson. No refunds or credit for getting lost, arriving late, or leaving lesson early. Cancellations made between 48-72 hours prior to lesson will incur a $130.00 cancellation fee. The remaining value of surf lesson will be refunded. Cancellations made at least 72 hours prior to lesson will incur a $50 cancellation fee, the remaining value of surf lesson will be refunded. Scheduling and processing lessons is time-consuming for our staff, so we appreciate your understanding of this policy. RESCHEDULING You must call or email us and confirm a new lesson time AT LEAST 72 hours prior to your original lesson in order to reschedule. Any rescheduling within 72 hours of lesson will incur $130.00 fee, the remaining balance will be credited towards a future lesson. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. INCLEMENT WEATHER OR POOR SURF CONDITIONS We will reschedule lessons to a new time and date approved by customer, in the event of dangerous surf conditions or bad weather. The decision as to what constitutes either will be made by Personal Surf Lessons instructors. Safety is our priority, we will never take you out in dangerous conditions!

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